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With our service marketplace, booking RO service has now become easier with ROService.in RO repair experts at ro service centers is just few clicks away from your doorstep. We have expert and trained technicians who have minimum 5 years experience by doing RO service.

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Yes, the RO service center is known for their assured post service warranties. You can request a range of service comes under RO after-sales service.

In most cases, ROService.in offers within the day service for all major areas. Someone can call anytime to book the frequent RO service 24\7 for 365 days in a year.

By purchasing one of the RO services plans, you are eligible for getting useful notifications because we focus on maintaining a long-term relationship with the customer instead of making us a fool.

You can find the most suitable short and long-term RO service plans with an assured post-service guarantee. We always care for you in your hard times related to RO water purifier service.

Understand The Causes of Your RO Water Purifier's Failure - How Can the Problem Be Fixed?

The best kitchen gadget in your home is a RO water purifier. You can always get clean, sanitary water from it. But after all, it is a machine. It can abruptly quit working and leave you searching for an RO purifier service near me.

So, it's crucial to utilise a water purifier that works properly. It is shifting from being a luxury to a need. It isn't easy to consider going even one day without a water purifier. What happens if your RO water purifier unexpectedly stops functioning one day? Not a good place to be. However, these circumstances don't knock on your door- therefore, you will need RO repair service near me.

In a flash, we can solve the problem for you with our RO service. You can always count on our services to rescue you if the situation is critical and appears to be beyond your control. Here are a few straightforward explanations from the water purifier service centre near me for why your RO water purifier can suddenly cease working.

  • Tank Has No Water in It

It may occur occasionally. Perhaps you forgot to turn on the water purifier in the morning after turning it off at night. You would have finished the tank's water supply and left it empty.

Solution: A problem is simply an act of silliness from your end. Thus, the answer is also simple. It would be best if you allowed us to take over from here. RO service near me will look to turn on the power supply and confirm that the feeder valve is open. In no time, your cleaner is back to regular operation.

  • The Water Filter Is Not Powered

The possibility of no input current to the PowerPoint in such a condition can also occur at any time. Additionally, there can be some weak connections.

We will use a tester from our RO service kit to determine whether the PowerPoint has a power source. If there is no supply, we may make sure the main switchboard hasn't tripped the current collection by checking there. Even so, we will bring in a nearby RO filter service near me to look into the situation if there is no power supply at the specified location.

We will ensure that the plug has been put in correctly if there is a power supply. Your RO water purifier may stop functioning for various reasons, including loose connections. Once the best RO service near me gains assurances about the external connections, we will consult the AMC provider or the designated service centre. There can be problems with the machine's internal input power supply.

If your home lacks circuit breakers, there is a danger that the SMPS adapter will burn out from significant voltage swings. Most of the time, people are unable to replace these parts. As a result, getting help from RO sales and service is advised.

RO Service | RO Service Center Number

# RO Water Purifier Service Contact Number
1 RO Service 9311587744
2 Water Purifier Service 9311587744
3 Water Purifier Service Near Me 9311587744
4 RO Service Near Me 9311587744
5 RO Repair Service 9311587744
  • The Feed Valve Has Been Closed

There is typically no separate water intake for the RO water filter at home. RO service charges place a feeder valve on the main kitchen water supply to direct water to the water filter. Although having such a setup is not at all advised, many people still do.

Our RO service centres in may check the feeder valve as a solution. It could have been unintentionally turned off. Resuming the water supply to the purifier by turning it on will quickly get it back into action.

  • Failure Of the Pressure Pump

The device must push water under intense pressure across the RO membrane to complete the Reverse Osmosis process. Every RO water purifier has a built-in pressure pump. You may not know whether the pump is working because we are laypeople. This is a quick hint for any decent RO service centre. You can hear the pressure pump churning when you turn on the water purifier. If you don't hear this sound, the pump is broken.

Solution: These pressure pumps are typically irreparable. To visit and investigate the situation, you can get in touch with your RO service centre near me. It would be necessary to replace the pressure pump.

  • Low-Pressure Switch Short Circuit

The input water must have enough pressure for RO water purifiers. The machine shuts off if the pressure drops below the threshold. The device can also stop working due to a short circuit in the low-pressure switch.

Replacement of the low-pressure switch should be quick and easy, according to any decent RO water purifier service near me. Additionally, ensure the injected water pressure is within the permitted ranges.

  • A Solenoid Valve Short Circuit

In the process of purifying water, the solenoid valve is crucial. This valve stops the wastewater from flowing into the RO membrane when the unit is turned off. When this valve experiences a short circuit, it prevents water from flowing to the RO membrane and turns off the machine.

Solution: Our water purifier service near me will immediately swap out the solenoid valve to get the equipment back in working order.


Our professionals are always available to provide water purifier service at your door. In the city, our services are the most reasonably priced and reliable. Within seven days of receiving our service, if you discover any problems once more, RO repair near me will fix them once more.

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